Cedar City Businesses Evacuated After Sunday Afternoon Bomb Threat

Nov 6, 2017


The Cedar City Walmart several adjacent businesses were evacuated on a busy Sunday afternoon after several people overheard a person claim to have a bomb in their RV, parked in the store’s parking lot.

According to Cedar City Police Sargent Jerry Womack, the person suffers from a mental illness. At the same time, the threat needed to be investigated with so many people at risk.


“We take these calls seriously," Womack said. "We have to in this day in age. You just can't make light of a situation and hope that nothing happens. And so that is why we handled it the way we did. It was an appropriate use of our resources.”


Womack indicated no charges will be filed as investigators are convinced there was no criminal intent and the incident came about as a result of what they called a “mental health crisis.”