University Instructor Responds To Controversy Over Utah High School Student's Prom Dress

May 3, 2018

Credit Keziah Daum

Twitter users went crazy with comments after a Utah high school student posted a picture of herself wearing a red, Chinese-style dress to her prom. Many responses to the tweet criticized the Woods Cross High School student's choice of dress as being racists, while others are defending her. Some commented that they were not offended by the dress, but rather by a photograph of the girls in the group standing with their hands pressed together in a pose they felt mocked Chinese culture.

UPR’s Matilyn Mortensen sat down with Wen-Yu Chang, a graduate instructor at Utah State University to discuss the attention being given to the topic of apparel and racial appearances.

Chang is from Taiwan and teaches Chinese language and culture classes at the university.

Credit Keziah Daum