UPDATE: Hicks Creek Fire Threatens Homes In Iron County

Oct 17, 2016


A fixed-wing aircraft and a helicopter have joined the fight against the Hicks Springs Fire burning southeast of Cedar City, although, each were able to complete less than a handful of sorties before darkness ensued Monday night.

Interagency fire officials met with homeowners of the Cedar Highlands area Monday night to discuss the possibility and details of an evacuation.  Although officials concede that it’s unlikely the fire could travel the six miles from its current location, the goal is simple:

“Right now, we’re taking a look at keeping homes safe – keeping lives protected and moving forward,” said Christian Vanheisen of the Interagency Center.

One complicating factor: wind in the forecast for Tuesday, 10-20 miles per hour out of the west.


Interagency fire fighters are battling an autumn wildfire in Iron County.  The Hicks Creek Fire has burned about 1,500 acres in the Shurtz Canyon area, five miles southeast of Cedar City.

Three mountain homes were evacuated overnight.  Contrary to initial reports, the fire is not a prescribed burn which got out of hand.

“It began on private and as it moved, it did cross into a couple of different jurisdictions.,” said Christian Vanheisen, who is with the Interagency Fire Center.

Of immediate concern are dozens of mountain homes to the north of the fire.  Air support in the form of helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft are on order, but have not yet arrived on scene.