Utah Man Shouted "Shoot Me" Before Killed By Officers

May 3, 2018

Body camera footage released in an officer-involved shooting in Salt Lake City shows the victim was armed with a knife and told police to shoot him before he was killed during a standoff with a SWAT team.

Salt Lake City police released the footage Wednesday of the April 18 shooting of 32-year-old Delorean Pikyavit on the porch of his girlfriend's home in Sugar House.

Pikyavit had a knife in one hand and a pair of broken scissors in the other when he ignored officers repeated pleas to drop the weapons and finally shouted, "Shoot me."

Police say his girlfriend called officers to the scene on a report of domestic violence and they didn't know if she was being held hostage in the house. She had gone to a neighbor's by then but police say she had been assaulted.