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John Oliver: Topical Comedy With A Crisp Accent

This interview was originally broadcast on Jan. 5, 2010.

With Daily Show host Jon Stewart on leave for the summer, comedian John Oliver has stepped in to host the show that's become his television home base.

Oliver relocated from the U.K. in 2006 to become the "Senior British Correspondent" on The Daily Show With Jon Stewart. For his work there, he won an Emmy in 2009.

While his man-on-the-street-style interviews are typically conducted off the cuff, and interviewees may not know exactly what context they'll eventually be presented in, Oliver says those interviewed for the pre-taped segments are aware of the show and its premise.

But whether it's a spontaneous or a prepared interview, Oliver says that the best — and often seemingly most outrageous — moments featured on the show are genuine.

"When you see people say crazy things on our show, they mean this stuff," he says. "And that's easy to forget: They're not joking."

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