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VIDEO: World Series Smackdown, Symphony Style

We could do another World Series preview, like Eyder's "Sox Vs. Cards: 5 Things To Know About The World Series" post from Monday.

We could simply remind everyone that Game 1 of the series between the Boston Red Sox and St. Louis Cardinals is set for tonight (Wednesday), that game time is 8:07 p.m. ET and that it's being broadcast on Fox.

From 'Morning Edition': NPR's Mike Pesca previews the World Series

We could focus, as NPR's Mike Pesca did earlier today on Morning Edition, on the Cardinals' "steady efficiency" and the Red Sox' "sheer talent."

Or we could suggest everyone check out the interactive graphic The Associated Press has put together to have some fun with the "faces behind the whiskers" that many of the Boston players have grown.

Yes, we could (and maybe just did) do all that.

But if you'll allow us, we'll embrace our NPRishness and suggest that the best World Series-related thing out there today is a video smackdown put together by the brass sections of the Boston and St. Louis symphony orchestras.

Our friends at St. Louis Public Radio say it's what you get when you have "creative professional musicians from two baseball-crazy cities and add a World Series matchup."

As you'll see, they talk some trash — and combine on a medley of "Anything You Can Do" and "Take Me Out to the Ballgame."

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