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More Than A Dozen Hurt After High School Stage Collapses In Indiana

A stage collapse at a musical performance at a surburban Indianapolis high school has left more than a dozen students with minor injuries.

In a video of the accident at Westfield High School, students are seen clapping and dancing as they sing the finale of a stage show featuring '80s music when the stage suddenly drops from underneath them.

WLS TV reports that people then began yelling for help.

"I saw that people's feet were stuck under a lot of wood and I lifted a lot of wood off of a lot of people," Charile Fehr was quoted by the Indianapolis ABC affiliate as saying.

Capt. Charles Hollowell of the Westfield Police Department was quoted by The Associated Press as saying that all of the injuries were minor, and that everyone was "doing really well," including one student who was earlier reported to be in critical condition.

You might recall that in 2011, a sudden windstorm caused the collapse of an outdoor stage at the Indiana State Fair in Indianapolis, killing seven people.

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Scott Neuman is a reporter and editor, working mainly on breaking news for NPR's digital and radio platforms.