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Journalists from Ukraine and Georgia Perspectives on US Election


Additional material not included in the original broadcast. Our guests discuss the structure of media in their perspective countries.

Today we’ll get a view of our presidential election from journalists and academics from Ukraine and Georgia and from a journalism professor here in the U.S. We’ll talk about media independence and bias; how Mr. Trump and Secretary Clinton are viewed in eastern Europe; how the debate about Russian president Vladimir Putin is playing in Georgia and Ukraine and elsewhere; and we’ll ask our panel about vote rigging and the integrity of elections.

Katerina Sirinyok-Dolgaryova is a research fellow from Ukraine at USU. She is Associate Professor, Vice Dean in International Affairs of Journalism Department of Zaporizhzhya National University, Ukraine.  Gained her Bachelor’s and Master’s Honors Degrees in International Journalism, and PhD in Social Communications. It’s her 3rd time in US. She spent a year as an exchange student in Graceland University, Iowa; and as a Fulbright Visiting Scholar at School of Journalism of Southern Illinois University, Carbondale. She has experience working as a journalist in Ukraine and USA. Her research interests are global news, international online media, and research management.

Ellada Gamreklidze is a Postdoc in the Journalism & Communication Department at Utah State University. Originally from the country of Georgia, she has a BA (Georgian Technical University) and MA (University of Missouri School of Journalism) in journalism and PhD (Louisiana State University) in mass communication and public affairs. She worked in media and higher education development and is Interested in media coverage of armed conflicts and media law.

Kim Hixson is Head of the Department of Journalism and Communication at USU. He was born and raised in Chattanooga, Tennessee. His background consists of working in media, industry, government and education. He earned a Ph.D. in journalism from Southern Illinois University. He also has a master's degree in professional writing and a bachelor's degree in advertising and English. Additionally, he graduated with an associate's degree in broadcasting in the same ceremony with his mother who graduated with an economics degree. His experience in media includes being a television promotion manager and a writer/associate producer of training videos. He worked as a writer for an in-house advertising agency/communication department for a corporation and its subsidiaries. Prior to that position, he worked at a full-service advertising agency as a copywriter.