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#CuriousGoat: Ask Us About Climate Change And Global Well-being

A boy from a tribe in Northern Kenya stands on a dried-up river bed.
Christopher Furlong
Getty Images
A boy from a tribe in Northern Kenya stands on a dried-up river bed.

Earth Day is coming up on April 22.

It's an occasion to think about the risks we all face from climate change — and to recognize the toll these problems take on the people in the developing world, who are especially vulnerable. When oceans rise, when drought strikes, the consequences can be dire. People are losing their homes and becoming climate refugees, losing their crops, losing their water sources. Disease-carrying insects are moving into new territory.

"People who are poorly off are always going to bear the brunt when things go badly," says Dr. Alfred Sommer, epidemiologist and dean emeritus at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.

We'd like to hear from you: What do you want to know about climate change and its effect on global well-being? Use the form below to submit your question.

Thank you for submitting your question. The submission round is now closed.

You have until Friday, March 24, to submit a question. We'll pick one and publish a story that answers that question next month.

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