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New Record Label For LDS Music Scene


Brandon Metcalf is the founder and producer of a new record label called Eleven 17 which will produce music for the LDS music niche.

"It will be working with other song writers and artists, and singers and musicians who are working on music that is of a faith-based or of an inspirational nature," Metcalf said. "I myself am LDS, but it is not limited to just that. I think the message can potentially appeal to a larger audience."

Metcalf said he has always wanted to run a recording studio for inspirational music because he grew up listening to the Mormon music scene from Seattle. He said the music helped uplift and inspire his life.

He is now living in Nashville, Tennessee, the music capital of the U.S., and has started a record label to produce inspirational music of his own. He said he was influenced by bands like Jericho Road, the National Tribute Band and Jason Deer.

"I have been able to feel the influence of positive music in my own life.  I just hope that the stuff I produce has the potential to touch the lives of others," Metcalf said. 

His sister, Shalane Metcalf, passed away when she 18 due to health complications. He said the record label name, Eleven 17, is Shalane’s birthday, Nov. 17. He said Eleven 17 officially got its start on March 23, which marked the seven-year anniversary of her death. 

"Inspirational music was a big part of her and her life. It just really made sense to tie it all together like that," Metcalf said. "The day I launched Eleven 17 just happened to be the anniversary of the day she passed away, so I had her in my thoughts."

Eleven 17’s first client is Jessica French, who is a YouTube star with nearly 100,000 subscribers.