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Immerse Yourself: More Than An Art Market

A beautiful white lidded, ceramic pot with a ceramic blue bird perched on top.
Utah Museum of Natural History

The Natural History Museum of Utah will host Native American artists from across the state this weekend. We spoke with organizers of the event to learn more about what makes these Native American creations so unique.

Twenty Native American artists of tribes from Apache to Zuni will participate at this year’s second annual Indian Art Market.  A wide range of mediums will be on display including jewelry, sculpture, beadwork, fetish carving, and pottery.

Suzanne Ruhlman is the Operational Manager of the Art Market at the Natural History Museum of Utah.  She says she has always nurtured a passion for this artwork and finds it full of inspiration and deep meaning. Her goal is to allow guests to experience the same.

“Just walk around and experience, meet the artists, talk to them, talk about their process, look at their products, but have a real personal connection with the piece that they buy and talking to the artist that made it,” she said.

The art market will open at 10 AM this Saturday and Sunday with a rousing native drum circle. Guests can peruse the artwork free of charge and will enjoy the sounds of a Native American flute player wafting through the museum.

“It’s something very near and dear to the museum’s heart, being very in touch with the native community and very involved in the native community here in Salt Lake and in the State of Utah. There really isn’t anything quite like this in the whole state,” she said.

The museum also has two exhibits displaying Native American work: one ancient and one contemporary.

For more information about this event, visit their website.