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Theatre Production About Sexual Assault Makes Utah Premier in Salt Lake City

A play entitled "Good Kids" made its Utah premier at the University of Utah’s Studio 115 last week.  The production was inspired by the nationally controversial sexual assault of a teenage girl by varsity football players in Steubenville, Ohio.

The play was written by Naomi Lizuka, and is directed by Julie Rada.

“1 in 5 women on college campuses is sexually assaulted or raped so that is certainly very relevant and topical.” Rada said.

While the play refers to some of the baffling instances particular to the case in Ohio, it presents a broader story about sexual assault, consent, and the new world of smart phones and social media.

“My particular interest in this script is that it asks questions.  It isn’t trying to solve anything.  It isn’t trying to beat you over the head with ‘Sexual assault is bad! Bad! Bad!’ We know that…We understand that.” Rada said.

"Good Kids" traces various scenarios leading up to the assault and its aftermath, with an array of dramatic twists unique to contemporary teenage life in America.

“What I like about this piece is that is artfully sets up the questions and allows the audiences to draw their own conclusions.” Rada said.

“It seems like people are walking away moved and thinking about things, and a little bit haunted, as I think perhaps they should be.” Rada said.

"Good Kids" was written by Naomi Lizuka and is directed by the University of Utah’s  post graduate fellow Julie Rada.  It plays at the University of Utah’s Studio 115 through November 8th.