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Band Uses Roots to Create Alternative Western Rock


A new alternative western rock band recently played at the Provo’s Rooftop Concert Series and Logan City Limits. The band has close ties with Utah’s thriving network of musicians.


The Las Vegas band, Brumby, first became involved in the Utah music scene when several of the band members attended Brigham Young University. The band is made up of three cousins and their childhood friend. Oliver Tingey on vocals and guitar said the band was able to create a strong connection with local bands Neon Trees, Joshua James and The National Parks. Tingey said what draws him personally to these bands and other bands is how they can highlight audio in a way that hasn’t been done before.


“Something that I’m wanting to see more of is just something new in music in general, and anybody who’s bringing something new to the table in a unique way or even something old and bringing it back in a new way,” Tingey said. “I think I’m just looking for some new flavors in music, so if somebody’s got it than I want to hear it.”


Tingey said the inspiration for their songs usually starts with lead guitarist, Tyler Tingey, coming up with a chord progression and the rest of the band throwing in their own touches. Oliver Tingey said that it can be hard to get the sound envisioned, but when that happens it is very rewarding.


“I’ve been really happy with a song called Leave a Light On,” he said. “I feel like it came exactly what I wanted it to be and sometimes it’s hard to get that to happen.”


The unique sound has been described as western and alternative rock. Tingey said that their sound rests in their roots.


“It’s never been a super intentional thing, I think it’s kind of subconscious,” he said. “Las Vegas has like this, I don’t know, there’s certain different sides of Las Vegas. It’s got like this glitz and glam side and underneath is also this sort of this rugged, western feel to the whole thing. So I think that’s kind of where it comes from. It’s just in our blood, you know?”