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VidAngel Reaffirms Commitment To Third-Party Content Filtering Services

A local company is engaged in a legal battle for private individuals to be able to use services to edit and sensor third party media.

VidAngel is a company that specializes in providing what they call family-friendly content in film. The company originally started by using an online web application to filter movies before their site was temporarily closed after Disney sued them. The company can now filter on Netflix and Amazon as long as it is not a film created by Warner Bros., 20th Century Fox, Disney, and Lucas Films, which are the companies suing VidAngel.

While VidAngel has started creating their own family-friendly content, the company would also like to be able to continue their filtering services.

Recently the company released a statement responding to the Los Angeles District Court, Judge Birotte who ruled to deny VidAngel's motion for an injunction review without further facts. The statement issued by VidAngel discussed how to support the case as well as their willingness to take the case to the Supreme Court.