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Salt Lake Aviary Hosts Collaborative Event Promoting Light Pollution Prevention

The event at the Tracy Aviary will help educate public on light pollution prevention.
Tracy Aviary


This week, an organization that helps care for a protect Utah birds is using music, art and astronomy to encourage environmental awareness. Officials for the event Birds and Brews say this is one collaboration they hope will increase awareness of preserving night skies. 

While wandering the grounds of Tracy Aviary, guests spend most of their time viewing exhibits about bird habitat. School children gather here to learn more about birds that are native to Utah, and those that migrate through the state.

It is the sky- where these birds fly- that has the bird rescue organization working with local businesses and Clark Planetarium to raise funds for a project to reduce the amount of light pollution near the aviary.

“So we have birds coming and going from lots of places. We are effectively on their super highway as they migrate. And so our city lights confuse them, they’re drawn into cities, and once they’re there, its a combination of the fact that they can’t see glass, and they get confused and exhausted, and many of them die in collisions with buildings.”

Jess Dwyer is the Chapter Leader for Dark Sky SLC. Dwyer is working with organizations in Salt Lake City on a new initiative called Lights Out For Migration.

“Light pollution is both really challenging to address, and really wonderful to address. It’s one of the few issues that impact ecological health, human health, and finances.”

On Thursday the aviary grounds will transform into a night time outdoor education center. Live music will play as visitors wander the grounds. Staff from the Clark Planetarium will be on hand for the viewing of birds as they migrate past what is expected to be a full moon. Information can be found here.