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Young Local Composer Publishes Piano Solo Book

Emma Cardon plays the cello
Emma Cardon

  Emma Cardon has had music running through her veins since a very early age.


“Well I started playing piano when I was four, and I immediately was bored, so I started writing myself more interesting pieces. So arrangements of what I was doing, and then when I was six I really started composing pieces.” Cardon said.

She’s a freshman in college, and has already composed pieces for multiple groups, including the American Festival Chorus and Orchestra under the direction of Dr. Craig Jessop.


Just recently, she released her very first publication, a solo piano suite entitled Insecta: Backyard Encounters.


“It’s a book of six pieces for solo piano, and they’re all based on a different insect that can be found in Logan. So I sort of tried to create sort of a character for each of them, and have the piece based off of that character.” Cardon said.


The pieces include Dragonfly, Earthworm, Pondskater, Ground Beetle, Cricket, and Yellow Jacket.

Cardon hopes to create a career out of her composing, and is currently studying composition at Vanderbilt University.