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Artist's Exhibit Inspired By Water In Utah's Natural Landscapes

Utah artist Downy Doxey is displaying her paintings in an exhibit called Water at the St. George Museum of Art. Last week she was featured in the museum’s Art Convo Series and her exhibit will be on display until next month. 

The exhibit celebrates the beauty of water in its unaltered, natural setting. Doxey, a Utah native, is inspired by the landscapes and natural waterbodies that she grew up appreciating and exploring.

“I like the way that water makes you feel. There’s something about being close to water, being able to look into a pool of water—it refreshes the soul.” Doxey said, speaking about her inspiration for this exhibit. "I want to create images that people can hang on their walls and feel like they have just gone outside, and they have been rejuvenated by the water. I think there are a lot of mentally reflective elements to the paintings.” 

Doxey’s paintings surge with swirling bright colors. She presents the multi-dimensional nature of water by simultaneously capturing the water’s translucent and reflective surface. The leaves and twigs floating at the surface creates movement and show the interaction between plants and water. Doxey lets the paint run and drip down the canvas, emphasizing the rough edges and raw beauty of the paint.

“As you look at the painting from a distance it looks very realistic, and you walk closer and it starts to fall apart to where you feel like you are experiencing some of my experiences as the painter,” Doxey said.

Doxey said she would love her work to inspire conservations about preserving these beautiful waterbodies across Utah. 

More information on the St. George Museum can be found at their website.

Downy Doxey's artist webpage can be found here