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'Grow Native For Birds' Bookmark Art Contest

Utah Public Radio and Bridgerland Audubon Society present the “Grow Native for Birds” Bookmark Art Contest!


To all of the many creative and artistic UPR listeners, we want YOU to participate in a special bookmark art contest this year with the theme “Grow Native for Birds.”  


Please submit your best “Grow Native for Birds”-themed artwork to for a chance to have your design printed on the 2020 bookmark. 


The submission deadline has been extended-- submissions are now due by Tuesday, October 13, 2020!


After submissions close, check back so you can vote on your favorite designs. The top design will be printed on the 2020 Grow Native for Birds Bookmark. The goal is to create an educational, functional bookmark for distribution via libraries, download, and to local fourth graders.  


About the Competition 

All of Utah's wild birds rely on native plants in the wild and in our parks and gardens. Have you seen a hummingbird at a milkweed plant, or a goldfinch eating a seed from a black-eyed susan flower? Your design should celebrate native plants for birds and the interdependence of butterflies, birds, and bees, with our Utah native trees, shrubs, flowers, and ground covers. 


Design Specifications 

All styles of artwork from cartoon to watercolor to photography and beyond are welcome. The Proclamation title "Grow Native for Birds" can be superimposed or incorporated into your design, and you can also include the UPR and Bridgerland Audubon Society logos! These logo are available at the bottom of this page. 

The bookmark art will be printed on 2 inch x 7 1/4 inch bookmarks.  

We will work to accommodate and crop designs of a variety of sizes, however, art that matches these dimensions, or matches a proportional, scaled up version of these dimensions, is ideal. 

The image should be in full color. 


How to Submit 

All submissions should be sent in as a high-resolution digital file. For physical artwork, this means creating a high-quality scan or photograph of the work and sending it as an email attachment to  

Please include your name and the title of the design in the email. Including a brief artist’s statement is also welcome, though not required. 


How to Vote 

YOU will decide the winner! Shortly after submissions close, we will launch the voting portion of the contest. Voting will begin in mid-October, so check back then for details about how to vote, and for a link to access the voting page.


The design with the most votes by the end of the voting period will be declared the winner and that design will be printed on the Grow Native for Birds Bookmark.



Additional Housekeeping Details 

- This contest is free to enter.  

- All submissions will be considered for downloadable and print distribution of educational bookmarks. 

- Utah Public Radio and Bridgerland Audubon Society retain all rights to use any artwork submitted to the contest for bookmark use and printing, and for marketing purposes related to the contest. 

- The logos for UPR, Bridgerland Audubon Society, and Utah Native Plant Society, will be added to the bookmark before printing. Logos might be added to either the back of the bookmark, or be superimposed on top of the design itself. Care will be taken to preserve the overall look and composition of the design.  


Links to More Information 

You can read the Grow Native For Birds Week Proclamation by Logan Mayor Holly Daines here.

For more information about Bridgerland Audubon Society, go here.

For more information about Utah Native Plants Society, go here.



For any questions, email