Meet the Interns

Ashley Rohde - Science Reporter

Science is incredible! As a PhD student at Utah State University, I have the honor to spend my days asking questions and testing hypotheses about how the world works.  I am trained as a conservation ecologist and I work mostly with insects. During my time at USU, I am working with bumble bees and solitary bees native to the western USA, some of our most important pollinators! Before I came to Utah, I earned a M.S. degree in biology from Boise State University, where I studied insect communities in areas that were burned by wildfires.  These tiny creatures help land managers to determine how best to rehabilitate landscapes that have been changed by wildfire. Working as a science reporter intern at UPR has given me an avenue by which to talk with people who have diverse ideas and perspectives about the science research and policies that are important to the people who live right here in Utah. I look forward to continuing to learn more about our changing world together with the rest of the UPR community!

Emily Colby - Access Utah Producer:

I am a junior at Utah State University majoring in International Studies and planning to minor in Environmental Studies and Journalism. I serve as the president of USU’s Interfaith Student Association. I grew up listening to NPR in the car with my mom, but had no radio experience before coming to UPR. Since joining the Access Utah team, I’ve fallen in love with public radio. I love learning about science, history, politics, and more every morning on Access Utah. I also host UPR’s Sunday afternoon programming. 

Kailey Foster - Agriculture Reporter: 

Born in Rhode Island, I moved to Utah to attend Utah State University to chase my dream of becoming a voice for the agriculture industry. Here at Utah State, I am pursuing degrees in Agricultural Communications, Broadcast Journalism and Political Science while also getting a minor in Agribusiness. I grew up in a dairy farming family and was very involved in 4-H and the New England Holstein Junior Association. Here in Utah I am just involved in learning about the agriculture community through my involvement in campus clubs such as Dairy Science Club and Agriculture Communicators of Tomorrow as well as with my title of 2020 Utah Miss Agriculture. Before I started working with UPR, I never thought I would go down the journalism rabbit hole, and now I can’t wait to see where it takes me. 

Kat Webb - General Reporter:

I am a Cache Valley native, a senior in the Journalism department and UPR's Frischknecht student intern — one of the general assignment reporters. I've been at UPR for a mere three months, but over that time, I've fallen in love with public radio. I'm so grateful for the opportunity to work in this field, seeking the answers to questions that come up in daily life and speaking to people with diverse perspectives. When I'm not covering current affairs, I love spending time with my family — preferably in one of the many canyons Northern Utah is home to. 

Leslie Forero - Science Reporter:

I am from Redding in Northern California. As an ecologist, I'm interested in learning more about the forces are quietly structuring the world around us. I study how interactions between plants affect grassland yields at Cedar Creek, Minnesota.  When I'm not at home, the office, or the prairie at Cedar Creek, you can often find me in the studio producing stories about ecology, and other forces structuring our world like sexism and poverty.  This is my first time working as a journalist.  I'm glad to have the opportunity to learn more about science communication as my ideal career would combine outreach and research. My hobbies include knitting, sewing, backpacking, and skiing.