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Our Mission
The mission of Utah Public Radio is to enrich the lives of listeners throughout the State of Utah with quality programming designed to inspire the mind, engage the imagination and perpetuate the habit of lifelong learning.

Our Vision
Utah Public Radio provides exceptional statewide programming, national news, public affairs and cultural entertainment programs. Through our outreach, our programs and our use of emerging technologies, we build and bring communities of our state together by becoming a leading radio programming resource, empowering our listeners to become active participants in shaping the future.

Our Values

  • Trust – The trademark of UPR, built through our balanced programming.
  • Quality – The exercise of reliability and integrity, the basis upon which our programs are produced and broadcast.
  • Engagement – Our programming commitment to our various communities to transform lives.
  • Uniqueness – Distinctiveness in programs and services, empowering people to broaden their horizons and become active participants in shaping their future.
  • Inclusion – Our respect for diverse ideas and cultures and inclusion in our programming, essential to building a well-informed society and a strong listening community.
  • Localism – Being the voice and platform for Utah through the production of statewide programs, an essential aspect of engagement, uniqueness, trust and quality.
  • Stewardship – Our belief that our mission and vision warrant community support and financial investment.
  • Collaboration – Working in partnership with various groups and organizations throughout Utah to achieve our mission.