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Mature Americans Take To Tech


The Association of Mature American Citizens AMAC has released information to organization members showing older Americans are embracing all things digital faster than we think. The group is referring to a recent report from a content delivery network service provider Limelight that indicates among those spending time online 51 percent are between the ages of 51 to 69 years old.

According to the report the senior population is spending more time online than millennials are and they are using the internet at least 15 hours a week. Only 41 percent of millennials are spending that much time online.

Logan Library’s Adult Services Librarian, Jason Cornelius, said these statistics mirror what is happening at the Logan Library. More seniors are gaining interest in the rapidly-growing internet.

“Seniors may have a little bit more time but they’re also exploring it. I think they’re of an age group where they’re interested, they want to know and so they get online and check it out,” he said.

Seniors often come to the Logan Library seeking step-by-step instructions on how to use their devices.  They want instructions on how to operate a laptop or a smartphone. Cornelius said millennials don’t seem to seek out assistance with their technology as frequently.

“I’ve discovered you really do have to break it down more step by step because the natural steps that the rest of us take for granted are just kind of built in and we don’t always understand that that’s a basis of knowledge that seniors don’t always have.”

62-year-old Logan resident Robert Stoddard spends time at the local library to gain access to the internet while he works on his I-Pad. Stoddard purchased his device three years ago and said he appreciates the ability he has to access information.

“I like the portability of it, you’re able to travel with it and find out information as you go along.”

Like most libraries, the Logan Library offers various technology classes for senior residents and anyone else wanting to learn how to download E-books, work through the basics of Facebook, or better understand the rudimentary computer courses.