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Realists Need Not Apply: NASA Posts Open Astronaut Job Position
Earth and Sun

Lots of us have dreamt of being an astronaut as a kid. But that group of people is very small and very exclusive, given there are only 46 active USA NASA astronauts, which is only .0000001 percent of the population. 

Good news for all of you dreamers, now you can apply to be an astronaut. 

The Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center posted a job to the calling for a new class of astronauts on Monday. The astronaut candidate would go farther in space than any human has traveled before.

It is a full-time job that is dedicated to researching deep space, so scientists can get one step closer to traveling to Mars.

Applicants must have a bachelor’s degree, at least three years of professional experience, and be able to survive NASA’s rigorous, a two-year long physical preparation.

Graduation from the Astronaut Candidate Program will require successful completion of the following: robotics skills training, Russian language training and aircraft flight readiness training.

The salary ranges from $66,000 to $144,000 per year.

Frequent travel is required. 

Realists need not apply.

Twitter: @morganprobinson