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Utah Women's Coalition Releases Legislative Agenda


The legislative agenda was announced Wednesday afternoon at the YWCA Center for families in Salt Lake City. The Utah Women’s Coalition aims to discuss its support for 3 bills.

“So there’s one bill that requires employers to provide reasonable accommodations to nursing moms who are working. The second bill would add to our existing public accommodations statute, a category for breast-feeding, which is to say places of business can’t deny or kick someone out. The final bill would be to provide paid, parental leave for state employees after the arrival of a child, or in an instance where you might be adopting. ”

Marina Lowe, a legislative and policy council member, says the bills are important because it will help improve the lives of women and families.

“They provide the ability for women and men to find balance between raising families and continue with employment.”

Lowe also says the bills are beneficial to employers, because it will help them retain their employees.