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Poll Reveals Utahns Supportive Of Legalizing Medical Marijuana

  When Utah lawmakers gather Monday for the opening of this year’s legislative session, they know they will be considering at least three medical marijuana bills. On Behind the Headlines, Salt Lake Tribune reporter Robert Gehrke said a poll they conducted indicates an increase in public support for finding ways to legalize the use of marijuana products to treat illness.

“The polls says 61% of Utahns or registered voters are supportive of the idea of legalizing marijuana for medicinal purposes. It’s kind of interesting because this shows, and we asked the same question about a year ago, and the support then was 51%, so there is a 10% swing, and a shift in the public’s attitude about this.”

Last Thursday, Governor Gary Herbert told the press that he is uncomfortable supporting legislation legalizing the use of marijuana products until federal laws are changed.

“The concept of allowing people to use marijuana extracts is something that he thinks makes sense. He’s concerned about the regulatory regime that’s in place. The Governor’s concern is you’re going to have 'fly-by-night operations.' You’re going to have shady doctors giving prescriptions to anybody for anything. ”

The three bills already under consideration are being sponsored by Senators’ Mark Madsen, Evan J. Vickers and Representative Brad Daw.