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Cache County Sheriff's Office Warns Of Police Call Scam

The Cache County Sheriff’s Department is warning of a police call scam effecting local citizens. 

Lt. Mike Peterson of the Cache County Sheriff’s Office says someone claiming to be him or someone from the Sheriff’s office is calling local senior citizens telling them  they need to contact their local police.

“It sounds like somebody is calling and using names, or at least my name. I don’t know how they got it or whether they got it through the newspaper or something like that. They’re telling people that I’m looking for them, or someone from the sheriff’s office is looking for them and they have a warrant. They are offering them an opportunity to make a payment transaction online, in lieu of being arrested.”

Peterson says if you receive this call do not share any personal information and hang up. And, he says, you should contact local authorities.

“We can try to find a way to follow up on it. The unfortunate thing is the companies use either blocked phone numbers or calling cards or things like that, that are hard to trace.”

If you report the call, Peterson says police will be able to track how often the scammers are making calls, which would provide a lead in the case.