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Utah Dams And Reservoirs Working Fine Amid Flooding


The recent rising temperatures brought a surge of flood warnings to northern Utah. Amid concerns about the integrity of Utah’s dams, David Marble, assistant state engineer for the Utah Dam Safety program, says the dams and reservoirs in Utah are working fine.



“We have been in contact with all the dams up in Box Elder and Cache County areas that we were concerned are experiencing some of that incoming flood," he said. "We’ve been in touch with all of them over the last couple of days just to verify that although they’re spilling and passing flood water past those dams, the dams are performing as intended.”

Dams and reservoirs rank on a hazard scale determined by the potential damage caused in the event of breakdown. Dam officials inspect the high hazard reservoirs every year, and watch for slumps, slides, spillage or any unusual erosion.

“For example, you look at some of the recent events that have taken place and structures around the country that have had some distress and threats of failure. We’re monitoring as they go through this kind of event that they are performing as they were designed or intended to do," Marble said. "The owners of those dams are responsible for owning and operating their reservoirs.We do work with them to verify they’re operating their dam in accordance with their operating plans and they’re operating them in safe ways.”