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Time Magazine: Aggie Campus Most Beautiful In State

Respected across the state for its innovative research and quality learning, Utah State University also boasts the most beautiful campus in Utah. 

It’s nearly summer, and after months of lectures, papers and exams, staff and students are rewarded with lush scenery and newly sprouted tree blossoms and flowers. Pono, a student at the university, is just one of many Aggies who appreciates the school's grounds.

"It's so green right now; all the trees are so green!" she said. "The tulips are super beautiful and they just bring a lot of color -- pinks and oranges -- to campus."

However, it’s not only locals who appreciate USU’s landscape. In an article published in May, Time Magazine recognized USU as the most beautiful college in Utah, stating mountain scenery, "a well-groomed campus and valley views" are what make the school so eye-grabbing.

The facilities branch on campus staffs nearly 300 people working year-round to not only maintain the campus grounds, but design and construct it as well. Rob Reeder, director of facilities maintenance at the university, attributes the school's wonderful landscape to the facilities branch, the Agriculture Department and the hard work of the university's students and employees

"The one thing that keeps campus looking good is having the right people," said Reeder. "We have some outstanding employees who take initiative and take pride in what they do. We have the most beautiful flower beds on campus that I can imagine. People take it upon themselves to help design those flower beds, the areas of campus, the gardens -- to maintain the lawns. There's a lot of effort and a lot of detail goes into that."

USU Facilities oversees and maintains 500 acres of land and 100 major buildings.