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Historic Buildings At The Cache County Fairgrounds To Be Torn Down

In the middle of the Cache County Fair Grounds, four iconic buildings stand for their last county fair. Shortly after the fair finishes this year the Home Arts building, the 4-H building, the Community building and the Art building will be torn down. Community leaders are organizing a celebration for the 100-year life of these buildings.

Gina Worthen is a member of the Cache County Council. She said these buildings shouldn’t be torn down without being remembered and celebrated. 

“We’re actually having a farewell celebration for these buildings because they are rich in history they’ve been there for over 100 years,” Worthen said. "People really love those buildings. They’re historic. They’re iconic and we will miss them. They are beyond repair. It’s going to be sad but at the same time it’s going to be awesome to have this new event center.”

Worthen said the new building will incorporate the look of the buildings being torn down.

“Plus they’re also working to see if they can pull some of the things out of those old buildings to incorporate into the new building,” Worthen said. “They’ve talked about pulling out some the lights and using them, some of the beams as decorative beams, not structural. I’m working on putting together a permanent display in that building that will help us remember the old buildings and what was before.”

Allen and DeeAnn Schenk said they have been coming to the fair for about 60 years. Allen said they like coming to the buildings to look at the exhibits, but new change will be a good addition to the fairgrounds.

“I’m kind of all for new,” Allen said. “I think the new one would be nice. It’s a unique old building but it’s served its purpose.”

Sarah Hadsell and her family have come to the fair to visit these buildings for 11 years.

“We used to live one block over and so we would walk here every year with our kids,” Hadsell said. “We moved away a year ago so we’re a couple miles away now but we still come because we’ve kind of created that tradition. It’s been fun.”

Hadsell says her parents and grandparents have a lot of memories at the fair but is excited for people to enjoy the new building in the future.

“I have family roots here even though I didn’t grow up in Cache Valley,” Hadsell said. “Seeing all these displays and seeing their plan for what’s coming, it’s excited for our kids for all the up-and-coming generations.”

Free tours of the historic buildings will be given Friday and Saturday at 4 p.m. and again at 5 p.m. There will also be a musical celebration on Saturday at noon.