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USU Animal Science Club Plans Annual Club Calf Sale



Utah State University’s Animal Science Club is preparing for their annual Club Calf Sale. Every year they train, groom and halter break cattle for the sale. 4-H and FFA members will purchase the cattle to show at their county fairs.


“Right now we are working on our biggest project of the year, our club calf sale," said Aubree Thomas, president of the Animal Science Club. "We start at the end of September, the beginning of October. What we are doing right now is we just got about 21 calves three weeks ago. So we just started halter breaking them, washing them, bushing them, doing all that fun stuff to get them ready for our sale in the next couple weeks. We have a few new consigners that we haven’t had before so were excited to have their calves. And it’s always fun when we reach more people and have more people put their calves in our sale, that’s always a good thing on our end.”


Anisa Samhouri, the sheep and goat representative on the team, said that any student can participate in the Club Calf Sale.


“I think it’s really great to give a hands-on application for a lot of these kids, a lot of these kids know they like animals and they know they like ranching, but they don’t actually have the experience getting out there with a steer and understanding the hands-on portion of it," Samhouri said.  "We have jobs for everybody. If you don’t feel comfortable leading around a steer, just come and brush the hair. If you just want to pet the noses, that’s fine. These animals need to be socialized and everyone who comes can help do that.”


The sale is scheduled for November 3rd, starting with the preview at 5:00 p.m., dinner is at 6:00 p.m. and the sale starts at 7:00 p.m.