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Aggie Heroes Event Held At USU Promotes Student Unity

Utah State Student Association
An "Aggie Heroes" event was organized by Utah State University student leadership to promote inclusion on campus.

Eight Utah State students took to the stage  to share stories of challenges they have faced and how they have overcome those challenges for an “Aggie Heroes” event.

Student leaders at USU organized the event to encourage inclusion on their campus.  

“I firmly believe that stories connect people,” said Michael Scott Peters, USU student body president. “Really this is an event about empathizing with our peers and creating a support network for students so they can relate to one another.”

Mental illness, physical and intellectual disabilities, eating disorders, LGBTQ issues, sexual assault and immigration were all discussed.

Tessa Schwab was one of the student speakers.

“I’m really grateful that they put this together so that we can talk about hard things because that is how they get easier, that’s how we heal, if we are open and don’t bury them,” Schwab said.

Speakers discussed the role resources, such as friends and counseling, played in helping them face their challenges.

The phrase “You are not alone” was repeated throughout the evening.

“There is help available and if you just look you’ll find it,” Schwab said. “There is no shame in needing help, in needing medication.”

All of the conversation were recorded. The student organization plans to make the Aggie Heroes videos available online and through social media.