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SITLA To Harvest Timber In Logan Canyon

Katherine Taylor

The Utah School and Institutional Trust Lands Administration manages 2,964 acres of land in Logan Canyon. Recently, they’ve come under fire for their decision to harvest timber on just under 300 of those acres. That’s about half of a square mile.

Kim Christy, the deputy director of Surface and External Relations at SITLA, said the timber harvest is the best choice for their beneficiaries.

“It’s the appropriate thing to do from a forest health standpoint, as well as for the opportunity for us to perform our mandate, and that of course is to try and generate revenue from these lands,” Christy said.

The land in question is southeast of Beaver Mountain Ski Resort. The decision to clear cut the pure lodgepole and mixed conifer stands of timber has been criticized by some members of the Logan community as being exploitative and harmful to the land and its surrounding area.

Christy said the organization is going through all the correct protocols.

“All necessary permits and harvest plans are in place,” Christy said. “The cutting prescription will selectively remove trees to improve stand health by stopping or reducing actual and/or anticipated spread of insects and disease, and leave about five percent or more trees scattered throughout the site.”

Christy said that replanting of trees will occur if it becomes necessary. The project is slated to be completed before the end of 2018.