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How Will You Eat Bacon On National Bacon Day?


Saturday is National Bacon Day. Researchers from National Today asked 1,000 Americans their opinions about the popular breakfast food.

Bacon is a versatile food. You can eat it on a burger if you’re ready for a major calorie-fest and if you’re trying to be healthy, crumble it over a salad. When it comes to wrapping food the possibilities are endless. Bacon wrapped steak, chicken, turkey, shrimp, water chestnuts and asparagus just to name a few.

21 percent of Americans said they would eat bacon every day for the rest of their life. According to the survey there are many reasons why, one is that it’s convenient.

16 percent of Americans said they can’t live without bacon. While 18 percent said bacon is their favorite food, only 4 percent of Americans don't like bacon.

Researchers said bacon contains a nutrient called “choline.” It’s been known to increase intelligence, memory and fight Alzheimer’s disease.

Half of Americans prefer their bacon crispy. 8 percent like it slightly cooked, another 3 percent like it charred and the rest don’t really care.

However you decide to celebrate National Bacon Day, whether it’s on pizza, a hot dog, or a bacon covered donut in Nebraska, enjoy.