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Utah Health Care Providers Release Mask Donation Guide

Donations of masks in response to COVID-19 forces Utah health care providers to create guidelines.
Intermountain Healthcare


Intermountain Healthcare and University of Utah Health have released guidelines for donating masks and other items to support the COVID-19 response.

In a statement release Wednesday the healthcare providers expressed appreciation for the generosity of so many people in the community who are looking for ways to help.

 “In particular, many have offered to donate homemade cloth masks to local hospitals and clinics to help protect frontline caregivers.  Unfortunately, homemade cloth masks do not provide the appropriate level of antimicrobial protection for caregivers in close contact with patients with COVID-19.  As a result, University of Utah Health and Intermountain hospitals and clinics are not able to accept these homemade cloth masks for use at this time,”

The statement continues by indicating there is evidence that homemade cloth masks may offer some antimicrobial protection.  Such masks, combined with appropriate physical or social distancing, may help slow the spread of COVID-19 in the community.  Intermountain Healthcare and University of Utah Health plans to share more information on how to use these masks. 

In the meantime, they are working with several charitable organizations in the state to develop a process for the community to assist in producing medical grade masks.

As soon as that process is fully developed, the two health systems will share that information broadly and invite community volunteers to assist with producing those specific masks.

To protect patients, caregivers, and communities from the spread of the COVID, Intermountain and U of U Health are not accepting any drop-off donations of toys, blankets, foods, or other physical items at this time. 

The community is asked not to call the COVID-19 hotlines regarding donations, so that those resources remain available for individuals with medical needs.