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Utah Doctors Adjust To Telehealth System




Utah doctors’ offices, especially those in rural communities, are adjusting to a new telehealth system for patients. This is one doctor’s experience with the system. 


“In my opinion, it’s a good second best option for evaluating a patient and trying to come up with a good determination of what’s going on, and still trying to help them with their medical needs," Dr. Rodney Anderson said.


Anderson is a family practice physician at Basin Clinic in Vernal, Utah. He is one of many Utah doctors who are adjusting to holding appointments through video chat. 

According to Anderson, about 60% to 70% of his appointments are now through telehealth. The only hard adjustment for him was getting used to technology he normally did not use.  

“The last week and a half, two weeks, it hasn’t been challenging. It’s worked extremely well from my end," he said.

Anderson said young patients have picked up on the system instinctively, while his older Medicare-age patients sometimes lack the technology. 

“For some of those I have just had to resort back to just talking to them on the phone, which I guess is a good best third choice," he said.

Anderson said some health visits still have to be done in-person, like child immunizations, which means some patients are still coming into the office.

He also said many patients do not know telehealth is an option. 


“Just letting people know that we’re doing this is something that we’re trying to get the word out," he said.


For anyone displaying signs of COVID-19, there is an urgent care building set up across the street from the clinic where they can safely be tested and evaluated.