Cait Salinas

Staff Assistant

Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, Cait had no clue she was a mountain girl. Her beach loving family moved to the frigid Hallmark Winter Village of Logan, UT in February 2002 right after a two foot snow storm. The climate and culture shock was intense. She has since warmed up to the outdoors lifestyle, and loves the mountains, camping, hiking, and skiing. Cait earned a BS in English from USU, and shortly thereafter discovered that not having to attend classes made her brain shrivel.  In seeking some intellectual stimulus, Cait discovered RadioLab and NPR courtesy of Utah Public Radio, and nothing has been the same since. Now that she's a radio professional, her crush on Jad Abumrad makes a little more sense.

When not enjoying the dulcet voices our hosts, Cait loves spoiling her Toy Aussie, sharing foodie experiences, and indulging her wanderlust as much as possible (10 countries and counting). She is a proud supporter of the Oxford Comma, naps, and single origin chocolate.