Rhesa Ledbetter

Science reporter

Rhesa Ledbetter, a biochemist by training, is passionate about sharing the wonders of science with others whether it be through writing, radio, or teaching.  

She discovered her scientific interest many years ago in a high school chemistry class. Her inspirational teacher, Mr. Best—the stereotypical science geek with large bug-eye glasses—taught Rhesa many scientific lessons, but perhaps the greatest was that science is not just for nerdy boys (as her flawed logic thought), it is for anyone.

Currently, a PhD student in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at Utah State University, Rhesa can often be found at the laboratory bench doing research, but also serves as a science reporter for Utah Public Radio. She plans to pursue a career in science education and/or communication. 

Between the experimenting and reporting, Rhesa finds time to adventure into the great outdoors and also enjoys the theater arts.