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Utah's evening weather forecast 4/29/24

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Good evening Utah! Hopefully your Monday has been productive and fun. Weather across the state will be breezy, moderately warm, and wet in the North tonight.

Temperatures are dropping tomorrow. Higher elevations will have peak temperatures in the forties with the tip of the Uintahs reaching 32 degrees. Northern Utah is will have highs in the upper fifties, low sixties with Salt Lake City reaching a peak temperature of 61 degrees. As we move south, temperatures slowly heat up. Central Utah will see highs in the mid- to upper sixties and Southern Utah will have highs in the seventies with the St. George area having a high around 84 degrees.

This evening will be breezy as another storm passes through. In the early evening, breezes ranging from the teens to thirties will be found across the state with gusts ranging from the twenties to forties. As we approach midnight, these breezes become less extensive, focused mainly around the I15 corridor and Northern Utah, but maintain their speeds. Gusts will remain across the state with speeds ranging from the twenties to forties. By morning, these breezes and gusts will mostly be found in the Uintahs and parts of Northeastern Utah, with their speeds maintained.

Light rainfall is expected in Northern Utah throughout the night in scattered showers accompanied by thunderstorms.

Monday evening will be sunny and warm for the South and wet and chilly for the North. Have a great week and find a reason to smile. This is climate scientist Abby Bushman with the Utah Climate Center.