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Utah's morning weather forecast for Wednesday, June 12

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Good morning Utah! Wednesday will be very warm, sunny, and lightly breezy.

Temperatures are still rising today. Higher elevations will have peak temperatures in the seventies with the tip of the Uintahs reaching 60 degrees. Highs across the state will range from the low nineties to the low hundred degrees. Southern Utah will definitely be seeing Utah’s warmest temperatures and as such, is once again under a ‘warning status’. With these very hot temperatures remember to hydrate, wear light clothing, take frequent breaks in air conditioning or shade, and shift outdoor activities to before 10 am or after 4 pm.

Wednesday will be very lightly breezy. In the morning, breezes will be in the single digits across the state with gusts in the teens. By noon, breezes will have picked up around the I15 corridor, in the low teens, with gusts in the twenties. These breezes and gusts will remain into the evening.

It is Early Summer Runoff Season, which means water will be running very fast and will be very cold. Use caution around flowing creeks, streams, rivers, and other waterways!

Wednesday will be hot and lightly breezy. Have a great day and try something new. This is climate scientist Abby Bushman with the Utah Climate Center.