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Utah's evening weather forecast for Monday, June 24

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Good evening Utah! Hopefully you had a great weekend and enjoyed the high temps, ‘cause they are staying through Tuesday.

Temperatures are still cooking Tuesday. Higher elevations will have peak temperatures in the upper seventies, low eighties with the tip of the Uintahs reaching 62 degrees. Across Utah, temperatures will be found in the upper nineties, low hundred. Northwestern Utah is under Excessive Heat Warnings and Heat Advisories currently. If spending any amount of time outdoors, stay hydrated, sunblocked, and aware.

Light breezes will be present in the early evening, but they will quickly peter out. In the evening, breezes in the teens and gusts in the twenties will be found in Northern Utah, the I15 corridor, and Southeastern Utah. These breezes will die out by midnight and remain in the single digits until morning. Gusts will remain throughout the night, but reduce in speed to the teens around midnight.

Light rain showers are expected across Central and Southern Utah throughout the afternoon and evening. Several National parks and recreational areas have the potential for flash floods today. If you are in or around Capitol Reef National Park, Glen Canyon National Rec Area, Grand Staircase-Escalante East, and Grand Staircase-Escalante West be aware of potential flash floods.

Monday evening will be sunny, HOT, and lightly breezy. Have a fabulous evening and find something to smile about. This is climate scientist Abby Bushman with the Utah Climate Center.