32 Of Utah's 42 Largest Reservoirs Now Below 55% Capacity

Aug 6, 2021

Recent storms have helped improve the soil, but haven't made a significant difference in Utah’s reservoirs. 

Utah’s Division of Water Resources says the recent storms have helped the soil and stream flow. However, the moisture has not significantly impacted Utah's reservoirs. In fact, the state says 32 of its 42 largest reservoirs are now below 55% capacity. Utah Lake just recently dropped to 54% capacity. 


Despite the storms, the Great Salt Lake remains at a record low. UDOH says the storms have only helped it from dropping further. In addition, a report from the division says lake levels are “expected to continue dropping until irrigation season concludes, evaporation slows down, and more water flows in the lakes.”


In order to make up the deficit of these extreme drought conditions, UDOH says we are going to need a lot of snow this upcoming winter.