"Adopt a Canyon" Clean-up Begins at Lake Powell

May 16, 2016

A government-funded project to help remove debris from campsites, beaches and tourist areas is underway. Areas of Lake Powell, including Halls Crossing and The Escalante River Tributaries, will be part of the “Adopt a Canyon” clean-up project this year.

Christiana Admiral is with Partnerships and Education of Glen Canyon National Recreation Area.

“The immediate purpose of ‘Adopt a Canyon’ is to keep the park clean. It’s kind of like the ‘Adopt a Highway’ where someone adopts a stretch of highway and picks up trash along it.”

Volunteers from local businesses, organizations and schools are taking part in “Adopt a Canyon” and have been assigned areas of Lake Powell that they can only get to by boat, kayak or by foot.  

“So it’s a great thing that those who take people out to experience our beautiful park and to experience Lake Powell are leaving it better than they found it, and improving the experience for not only their own tour costumers, but all park visitors who come out and get to see more pristine conditions on the lake.”

Admiral says the “Adopt a Canyon” initiative is part of the preparations for the National Park Services Centennial.