After Aaron Lowe Death, Police Group Says City ‘Deserves Better’ From City Leadership

Sep 27, 2021

According to Utah Fraternal Order of Police Executive Director Ian Adams, the Salt Lake City Police Department is understaffed. He says the community “deserves better leadership from the mayor and police chief.” Adams says if Salt Lake police had responded sooner to a noise complaint call from the party where University of Utah football player Aaron Lowe was shot, Lowe could possibly still be alive today.

Adams says there needs to be a better plan from city leadership on issues like this because we “can’t wait until every house party turns into a homicide.” He says Salt Lake City deserves a better resourced department that can respond to any types of calls, including noise complaints.


A spokesperson from Mayor Erin Mendenhall’s office says they are proud of the officers who arrived “within 5 minutes of a call about an altercation involving a weapon.” They also said their thoughts and prayers remain with family and friends of Aaron Lowe during this difficult time.