Alex Boyé performs in Utah for suicide awareness concert

Oct 7, 2021

Alex Boyé singing
Credit Emma Feuz

The music was loud and fans were even louder as Alex Boyé performed at the Ignite The Light concert at the Cache County Fairgrounds on September 30th.

“The turnout was incredible, the talent and the people, but most importantly, we got to do something incredible,” Boyé said.


The concert is part of a larger Cache County effort to bring resources to those struggling with mental health and to spread awarness about suicide prevention. People saw booths, heard from speakers and listened to songs all offering messages of hope. 


County Executive David Zook said county members just want people to know that they are not alone.


“There are others in this community that care about them,” Zook said. “One of the biggest lies that goes through somebody's mind when they are contemplating suicide is they think they dont matter and they think that no one else cares. Those are lies.”


Boyé said even though the subject may be dark, kids are ready to talk about it.


“They're tired of losing their friends, and they're losing their mums and dads and cousins and aunts and losing their friends at school and high school. They're tired, and they just want to be a part of something,” Boyé said.


Emotions were high during the concert, but Boyé said events like these are a step in the right direction.


“Talks save lives,” Boyé said, “Talks saved my life, talking about it saved the lives of people I have known. It’s just been a very important thing in my heart lately.”