American Ninja Warrior To Speak at Utah High Schools

Mar 28, 2016


Millard High School students will be the first of many Utah students who will meet an American Ninja Warrior this week. 

Hoan Do, is a former American Ninja Warrior competitor.

“I was actually at my cousins Cross-Fit gym, and I was climbing the peg wall. And as I climbed it, he took a picture of me and posted it to Facebook, and it read: 'Hoan Do: The Peg Wall, #AmericanNinjaWarrior.' And when I saw this post, I thought to myself, ‘Yeah, why not?’”

Do competed in a series of challenging obstacle courses -- climbing peg walls, and using his skills on balance beams -- for a chance to win $1 million. He was on the NBC show, American Ninja Warrior, in 2014 and made it to the city finals in Venice Beach, California. Now he is a motivational speaker.

“Particularly, I’ll be talking about three important decisions that will really help students to succeed. Number one being, ‘How do you have the right attitude?” Meaning how do you change your attitude during difficult times so that you can continue to excel in school? Number two is ‘How do you figure out what your passions are in life, figure out what you want to do?’ And lastly, is ‘Focusing on Ideas, Doing your best and forgetting the rest.’”

After speaking on Wednesday at Millard High School, Do will visit Morgan High School and then speak at Weber State University.

To learn more about Hoan Do, click here.