'Ant Man And The Wasp' Movie Review with Casey

Aug 9, 2018

  Ant Man and the Wasp is a PG-13 sequel to the original, or initial, film Ant Man from 2015. This sequel is directed by Peyton Reed who also directed the initial 2015 film. We’re treated to another superhero movie that’s part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe which is continually expanding with more stories and more movies. 

Ant Man is all about nano-technology that allows him to shrink to the size of the title insect to fight a new villain but now alongside a partner named the Wasp. So the movie has all the expected elements for a superhero film: fast-paced fight scenes, a fun car chase through the streets of San Francisco, and lots of dry awkward humor.

This movie made me feel similar to how I felt watching the recently released “Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom”, I felt like I’d seen all the same content before in a previous movie. The same types of action, the same moments of excitement, the same funny lighthearted dialogue. And yes, it’s important to have consistency when you’re making a sequel. But I wish that the film would have tried to step outside the box a bit more instead of doing the same thing it has already done. Regarding Ant Man and also with “Jurassic World, I just didn’t think it was that exciting. When you’ve seen the same story a second or third time, it starts to lose its luster. It was okay. A mild recommendation.