Artists Asked To Submit Work For New SLC Office Building

Jun 2, 2017

Artist applications are currently being accepted for the creation of art in public spaces at the new Department of Environmental Quality Technical Support Center in Salt Lake City, a building used for storage and laboratory work for the department.

Jim Glenn, who manages the public art program for the Utah Division of Arts and Museums, says public art is different than simply going to a gallery and buying artwork for a building.

“The artist is responding to the project," he said. "In this case, you’re asking the artist to respond to either the architecture or the mission of the agency that is housed in that building. Sometimes the artist can respond to the community around the facility or how the architect designed the building.”

The selection committee with the agency is looking for artists who will honor the department’s mission, which is “safeguarding Utah’s air, land and water.”

There are qualifications for artistic applicant.

“The committee would prefer that the artist have a previous experience in public art but it’s not necessarily a requirement," Glenn said. "They need to demonstrate their capability of completing the project as they propose it.”

An applicant must first submit a letter of interest, six images of their work and a resume. The applications are reviewed online by the committee and the pool for applicants is narrowed. The agency’s full committee meets and narrows the selection down to three or four finalists who will then present a full proposal.

“The finalists are asked to present to the selection committee with some kind of representation of what they’re proposing," Glenn said. "Either in model, or rendering, or drawing. As well as their projected budget for the project and the timeline of when they anticipate reaching certain milestones and completion of the work.”

Two other projects are currently under way for Southern Utah University’s School of Business and Utah State University’s new Life Sciences building.

The application deadline for this project is June 30.

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