Bear River Health Department Providing Curb-Slide Flu Shot Service

Sep 28, 2020

A sign outside the Bear River Health Department drive-thru flu shot site.
Credit The Bear River Health Department

To make getting a shot just a little bit easier this year, the Bear River Health Department is providing a drive-thru flu shot option. 

The department's nursing director Mandi McBride explained the process. 


"They drive through, they park their car, we come out and give them their forms and they fill that out," McBride said. "We make copy of their insurance card and go to their car and give them their vaccine."


With hopes to get a head start on administering vaccines, the health department began on Sept. 1 and will continue to give shots until the end of October. 


"I usually get my flu shots at Macey's, but this is so much easier," said Cache Valley resident Annette Briscoe. "I don't even have to get out of the car."


Bear River Health Department spokesman Josh Greer shared that these drive-up flu shots are a test run for how they will administer the COVID vaccine.


"Our flu vaccination clinics have provided a great practice run for us as to how our COVID vaccines will work," Greer said. "Because here we have somebody pull up curbside. They get to stay in their car. They get to practice social distancing. It's really convenient and really accomplishes the things that we're looking out for the COVID vaccine as well."


Click here for more information about getting a flu shot from the health department.