Best Of Access Utah: Current Events And Free Speech

Sep 21, 2017

Credit American Civil Liberties Union

We continue our fundraising efforts this week with another Best of Access Utah show. Today we focused on our current event shows and emphasized freedom of speech. Associate professor of communication studies at Utah State University Jason Gilmore, and our own Katie Swain join us for the hour to encourage your pledges and discuss the importance of free speech in America. You will hear excerpts from our shows on the Charlottesville Riot, Bears Ears National Monument, and the March For Science. Links to the full shows can be found below. Thanks for listening to Access Utah. 

Credit The Salt Lake Tribune

First is our reaction to the Charlottesville and other race rallies that rocked our world. you can listen to full show here

Next is one of our public lands shows. With all the controversy in the state with Bears Ears National Monument, we felt it was important to give people a platform to express how they feel about the situation.The full show can be found here.

Credit The Salt Lake Tribune


Last is our show on the March for Science which took place here in Logan last April. Click here for the full show.