Best Of Access Utah: Fun Programs

Sep 25, 2017

Credit Alyssa Roberts

We are continuing our pledge drive this week with more of the best of Access Utah. Today's program has excerpts from our lighter and fun programs. USU assistant professor of English Lynne McNeill, and our own development officer Ted Twinting join us for the hour to encourage your pledges and talk about what makes Access Utah so great. We appreciate your support and hope you have as much fun listening to our show as we have making it. 

Credit Hypun!

First is a show we actually did with Lynne McNeill. The show is called Likes vs. Life and it talks about how social media affects our daily lives. Check it out here.

Credit Saint Mary School

Next we have a Valentines day show where we talked about the cynicism that exists in many people in regards to valentines day. Check it out here.