Cache County Provides Online Flood Help

May 9, 2017

Credit National Weather Service

Cache County administrators are warning residents to prepare for possible flooding. County Executive Director Craig Buttars says spring runoff is contributing to an increase flow of water in rivers and streams. 

Buttars was visiting family in Richmond Sunday when he noticed more than 50 residents trying to divert overflowing water. There was an exceptional amount of water flowing into a culvert from Cherry Creek Spring. Flooding happened because a blocked pipe kept melting snow from flowing down a canal.

The Cache County Sheriff's deputies and road crews helped remove debris blocking the water before nearby homes were flooded.

Will Lusk is Cache County's Emergency Manager. He told Northern Utah Mayor’s on Saturday night that resources and preparations have been made in anticipation of the potential flooding this spring.

Online help includes information about what to do if you are experiencing flooding and live in the unincorporated areas of the county, or where to access sand bags. There is also information about how to remove mold following a home flood. You can also use the site to sign up as a volunteer to help other residents whose property is being threatened by flood waters.

A link to the Cache County Sheriff's Office flood help website can be found on our website,